My Story

Before I explain my journey and how SVH assisted me to move beyond all limitations, blocks and create abundance in all aspects of my life.  Initially, I would like to tell you why I named my business Shakinah.

“What is a Shakinah” and my connection to the divine oneness.

Shakinah is the divine feminine of the oneness of all, the love that can be reflected to all, through the eyes of the ‘we’. The Goddess, the God, as we speak of ‘The Great One’. We are everything; we are everything that you see and everything you do not see. We are the great span of everything.” Shakinah 

There are many interpretations of this ancient Hebrew word, which is mostly written as “Shekinah” in Kabbalah texts.  However, Shakinah even goes back further than ancient texts.  Eons! Then again, isn’t time an illusion!


Ancient texts say Shakinah is a nurturing, compassionate, radiant, unconditional giver and that she is everywhere for those who seek her.  The most simple meaning for Shakinah is “divine presence”, or the “divine that dwells within”. 

She is the every of everything and the everlasting divine spark of light within our hearts, that guides those ready to journey back and recognise their true essence of being, ‘LOVE’. 

Shakinah is not a religion!

She is a reality that is a part of us, much like living in the ocean with all the magnificent sea creatures sharing the vast briny blue ocean.  ‘Shakinah’ is the ocean and everything within it.  

The two powerful words ’I AM’ are referenced in ancient religious texts. 

”‘I’, is a connection to the oneness of all that is. 

‘AM’, is tangible, it puts that, into a linear projection of solicitude.

‘I AM’, then resonates to I am myself; I am everything, and I am in oneness”. Maitreya

Acceptance of the truth of one’s divine nature is one of the most powerful keys to awakening and accepting the true self; like a rebirth of who we truly are. 

‘Shakinah’, the ‘I’, and the ‘I am’, is everything and is in its oneness with the Creator God, Creator Goddess, Creator.  It is a complete unit of harmony that assists us all to claim the divine feminine, bring balance to the divine masculine within and to be able to rise to the ability to see beyond the lesser energies that held us really and truly from our birthrights.

Peace is our birthright

Guatama Buddha

My relationship with the divine essence, the Goddess Mother, is a spiritual connection, one that strengthens me, leads me to be the best me that I am. 

Many people misunderstand the meaning of spirituality. 

Spirituality means, “An awareness of the spirit within.”  Connecting to your heart consciousness, living in your heart incessantly, remembering and honouring your true essence of being. 

Hello, I am Sevil. I have lived a full life and worn many hats. 

I’ve been a Choreographer for stage plays and worked with celebrities for television shows.  I was a model for a while, a fashion stylist, a beauty advisor, a costume and shoe designer.

I have worked in the finance industry, was a course and careers advisor, a business owner, an employee, a wife and mother to my two beautiful children.  I am also mommy to my precious dog, Pebbles.

I am an author of children’s books.  The key design of my books is to help awaken both child and reader.  My books stimulate inner awareness and an awakening of little ones, as the magic of the stories captures them.  I am also a Level 4, SVH Practitioner and Level 2, SVH teacher,  aromatherapist and holistic massage therapist. 

As long as I can remember I was always in search for answers, questioning;

Who am I?

Why am I here?

Where do we come from?

What is my purpose in life? 

Why am I still attracting similar experiences in all avenues of my life over and over again?… and so on.

My spirituality germinated in 2011, and my quest to journey to heart consciousness has been———— similar to a freight train. 

I studied endlessly jumping from one workshop to the next, taking hundreds of courses, read zillions of books.  Thank goodness for the Internet and ebooks, as I eventually had no more room on my bookshelves, and my cabinets were piling up with qualifications!  

I went to yoga retreats, meditated every day and had many sessions with Guru’s, Shaman’s, Yogi’s and Crystal healers.  I travelled around the world and visited many ancient and sacred sites seeking for answers and even danced with the Maasai Tribe. You name it. I have done it all!!!!

As I kept reaching out to the next and the next thing, I never truly felt satiated.  I never found a method or modality that would take me to the full distance. 

I am a person that is choosing to evolve to higher states of conscious awareness and to evolve beyond my issues, beyond my deck of cards handed to me at birth that said, “I am going to be this or I’m going to be that.”

“Have good trust in yourself: not the one you think you should be, but the one that you are, ‘Taizan  Maczumi Roshi. 

After myriads of qualifications, courses, healers, workshops and books, no one could give me the answers I was seeking or to help me release all blocks, patterns, resistance and the constant mind chatter! 

Until finally!  As I was attending a four-day workshop studying Sacred Geometry, I stumbled across Serenity Vibration Healing.  At that moment I just knew, SVH was what I have been searching for all along. 

It was only through SVH that I was able to move beyond all the archetypes and the layers of embedded formatting and belief systems that held me from claiming the true focus of my purpose and my ability to live the kind of life I am choosing. 

For individuals like me, reading and taking courses, studying, searching for answers and choose to rise to meet their highest potentials, SVH is only the beginning, as your heart blooms in divine timing, you shall blossom into a Lotus that already exists within you. 

Miracles become second nature.

The miracle is not to walk on water. The miracle is to walk on the green Earth in the present moment to appreciate the peace and beauty that are available now. 

Thich Nhat Hanh

SVH has become a way of life for me. As such, I use it as a stand-alone modality and also blend it with the vast array of programs I offer at Shakinah.  

Shakinah’s transformational experiences are designed to allow your highest potential to come through in our workshops, courses, personal healing and meditation journeys.  It also elevates your energy, raises your vibration to restore, revitalise, rejuvenate through Shakinah’s holistic massage and facial therapies to heal any concerns on your physical, mental and emotional bodies with transformational results.

Drawing on the resonance of the divine presence, the ‘I AM” my gift to you is the divine essence and the radiance of Shakinah that flows through my heart to assist you to transform beyond all that you know.

It certainly will be an honour and privilege to help restore balance, harmony and serenity to your overall wellbeing.

Forever Hello