Channelled Wisdom and Knowledge
of The Creator and The Guardians of SVH

For more than 120,000 years, many benevolent Masters, Angels, Arc Angels and guides of light have assisted humanity in evolving to journey back to their true nature.

They assisted and guided many individuals to release the threads of illusion from duality that held them from understanding their true essence of being. 

There are many divine Masters of Light, Angels, Arc Angels and Councils of light which are guides and guardians of SVH to assist individuals in evolving beyond their human makeup of what has been consciously or unconsciously created to release a myriad of energy signatures stored in the energy matrices for thousands of years. 

Attached you will find channelled wisdom and knowledge from the main guides and guardians of SVH and an insight of what SVH offers to individuals. 

Their wisdom and knowledge is my gift to all individuals who are at their readiness to transform evolve, elevate and awaken the true power of their spirit.  

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