Custom Healing
Blends in a Bottle

At Shakinah we use essential oils that hark back to the sacred oils used in ancient Egypt, India, Tibet, Middle East and the Asian and Polynesian societies; among them, Oudh, Orchid, Lotus, Papyrus, Sea Buckthorn, Lavender, Sacred Frankincense, Sandalwood, Black Pepper, Cumin, Parsley, Lettuce, Hong Kuai… and Indigenous Australian wildcrafted botanical essences, each with their unique therapeutic properties.  

Shakinah’s custom-blended plant kingdom in a bottle is calibrated to meet each individuals specific needs to offer potent holistic, effective solutions to heal physical, emotional issues, skin conditions or concerns such as eczema, psoriasis and more, while their exquisite, soothing aromas uplift and calm the mind – for complete wellbeing healing transformation. 

We also custom blend a scent journey to enhance clarity, abundance, empowerment, sovereignty, courage, confidence, peace, bliss and love that will work in synergy with your energy envelope to manifest your desires. 

Unique to Shakinah our custom healing blends in a bottle are enhanced with a 30 minute Serenity Vibration Healing session to target the seeds and foundations and anything that is anchoring and supporting the energy signature held in the energy matrices that allowed the ailment to manifest within the physical body in the first place. 

A powerful healing combination where nature, spiritually, and your fully qualified therapist come together to assist you in finding relief for many ailments, heal skin conditions, balance mental, emotional issues or clear away any blocks or resistance to fulfil your desired desires.  More so, your therapist utilises the tools and mechanisms of SVH to amplify your healing journey to restore balance, harmony and vitality to your overall energy bodies. 

Our composition is made of love when the ‘tones of love’ is hindered within your energy matrices disease, disorder, and disharmony manifests into the physical body.  

At Shakinah, we aim to harmonise and align the flow of energy within the wholeness of your being for you to achieve your goals, fulfil your desires and enjoy a harmonious and vital life with a holistic approach while working in synergy with the multidimensional healing vibrations of the plant kingdom.