Facial Journeys

Combining our unique, aromatic and therapeutic crafted formulations with Shakinah’s unique facial massage technique, our skincare treatments soothe and refresh your skin and senses, boosting collagen production and balancing sebum.  On a deeper level, our oils work to stimulate new skin cell growth, restore, regenerate and heal skin conditions. 

An effective facial treatment includes massage to provide maximum benefits for the skin and the facial muscles.  Face massage aids detoxification and lymphatic drainage, reducing inflammation and swelling. Facials stimulate the production of the skin’s support structure, collagen, for firm, supple, more elastic skin.  Regular facials help cells turn over faster and increases blood and oxygen flow, for a clearer complexion, more refined skin tone, softening fine lines and glowing skin.  

We understand that your physical and emotional health is unique to you, so your treatment includes a 15-minute consultation to identify which oils and botanical essences will assist your skin.

Unique to Shakinah, the uplifting facial journeys are blended with a complimentary Serenity Vibration Healing clearing and Goddess Mother Healing Temple gift. These activations are not treatments and are implemented in timelessness working purely on your energy bodies to heal,  harmonise, balance and align the wholeness of you. These activations take less than a minute and is performed before each treatment.

Reveal your innate radiance and a healthy, youthful complexion with our pampering Shakinah facial therapies to bring out your divine feminine light.

We invite you to choose from our menu of nurturing experiences below or you can pamper a loved one with a gift certificate for a treatment as special as they are.

Enliven Facial Radiance

Escape to the tropical Aloha islands immersing in oneness with the sound of rolling waves lapping softly over the paradisiacal shorelines. Unique to Shakinah, we use Alaea Rich Red Hawaiian volcanic Clay sourced directly from a private deposit hidden in the jungles of Maui, purified for thousands of years by sacred springs.  

Relax and enjoy Shakinah’s potent botanicals and essences in divine natural fragrance blends to experience a double cleanse, exfoliation and hot steam towel to gently loosen any clogged pores and remove impurities from the deeper layers of your skin. Then immerse in the healing properties of Alaea Rich Red Clay mask, blended with Hawaiian Bamboo Jade sea salt and vital essences rich in antioxidants with naturally occurring trace minerals and electrolytes, to gently detoxify, tone and naturally exfoliate and soften your skin. 

This experience is enhanced with a unique Shakinah facial and upper body massage using a blend of Kukui Nut oil, Tamanu oil, Mango butter with Aloha plant essences that are easily absorbed giving each skin type the nutrients, radiance and softness it needs. 

Your treatment is complete with a Hibiscus and green tea eye compress to enhance your overall well-being. 

60 min | $125

This detoxifying facial includes double cleanse, exfoliation, hot steam towel, Hawaiian Alaea rich red clay mask with Hawaiian Bamboo Jade sea salt infused with revitalising Shakinah essences. Upper body, facial massage and eye compress to uplift senses.

Includes complimentary Goddess treatment

Timeless Facial Rapture

Embark on a journey deep within the Atlas Mountains of Morocco and your therapist will lavish your skin with Ghassoul lava clay infused with Shakinah’s True Love Gardenia floral hydrosol, rich in natural minerals such as magnesium and silica to detoxify, heal, boost your collagen production, improve your skin’s clarity, elasticity and tone. 

Your treatment continues with uplifting aromas of Shakinah’s botanical essences infused in Camellia, Rosehip or Moringa oil massaged gently into your skin for maximum benefits. As a finishing touch enjoy a soothing scalp massage with an invigorating synergy blend of Morocco’s  Argan oil infused with Ylang Ylang and Grapefruit essences drizzled onto your head for a complete timeless rapture. 

This luxurious facial diminishes the signs of ageing, promotes cellular regeneration and enhances circulation. This treatment can also be tailored for sensitive, oily, blemished and acne-prone skin due to Ghassoul lava’s naturally detoxifying properties that efficiently draws toxins, impurities and re-balances the skin by tightening the pores, leaving your skin radiant and as smooth as silk itself. 

60 min | $125

This complete renewal facial includes cleansing, tone, facial polish, Moroccan Ghassoul lava clay mask rich in magnesium and silica to boost collagen. Facial, neck and scalp massage to nourish and balance. 

Includes complimentary Goddess treatment

Luminous Facial Glow

Drawing on the diverse olfactory landscape of France, where beauty and aroma are key, you will delight in the pastel elements of the gentle, effective and beautifying clays of Argiletz. Sink into an infinite loving embrace as Lavender and Orchid settle the mind.  Tailored to your skin’s needs, this luxurious facial includes a double cleanse, exfoliation and a facial mask, using one of Shakinah’s curative French Argiletz clays rich in minerals, infused with refreshing aromas boosted with vitamins, blended with anti-ageing bamboo powder and Celtic Sea Salt that work in synergy to cleanse, detoxify, remove impurities from the deeper layers of your skin while improving cell regeneration for a luminous glow.  

While Gaia’s elementals deeply penetrate your skin, surrender to the relaxation as your therapist gently massages your upper body and scalp with nourishing floral essences. 

Your skin’s journey of total renewal is completed as your therapist gently glides a rose quartz crystal roller over your facial energy points to dissolves tension. The vibration of the love quartz restores harmony and balance back to your skin and envelops your senses. 

A complete indulgence that provides intensive nourishment purifies, tones, restores your skin, leaving it refreshed, luminous and glowing. 

60 min | $125

This nourishing facial focuses on energy points with a Rose Quartz facial roller. Includes a double cleanse and tone, face scrub, hot steam towel and French Argiletz mineral-rich clay mask with Celtic sea salt, followed with an upper-body and scalp massage infused with hydrating plant essences to walk out glowing. 

Includes complimentary Goddess treatment

Woronora Bliss Infusion

The restorative facial draws on the tranquil setting of Woronora’s flowing river enveloped with Australian bush and minerals.  I invite you to experience a truly holistic facial with Australian lava clays, rich in minerals and wildcrafted Indigenous botanicals blended with naturally beautifying Shakinah oils that will leave you feeling deeply relaxed, grounded, restored and revitalised. 

This customised facial will turn back the hands of time, harnessing the powerful blend of sacred indigenous wisdom and Gaia’s bountiful garden, designed to reveal your innate radiance and awaken your spirit. Through inner love comes healing and beauty.

Depending on your skin, finely grounded pumice stone, Rosehip Seeds or Australian Wattle Seed scrub blended with Rosehip butter or Australian Macadamia oil prepares your skin for the transformational healing properties of lava ash blended with Australian wildcrafted essences and Shakinah’s restorative floral cotton compress for maximum penetration to promote cell renewal, increase firmness, elasticity and plumper looking skin. 

As a final touch, sacred Australian stones sourced directly from Uluru will be placed on your heart and 3rd eye chakra to unify heart-mind clarity. You will walk out floating as the rivers of unconditional love surge throughout your whole being enhancing divine balance and harmony. 

60 min | $125

This grounding facial includes cleanse, tone, facial scrub infused with Australian wildcrafted indigenous botanicals essences. Lavish in Australian volcanic ask mask and elevating floral cotton facial compress. Sacred indigenous stones place on key chakras to promote alignment. 

Includes complimentary Goddess treatment

Tones of Love Facial

Tantalise your senses as you transport back to 130 BCE and journey along the ancient Silk Road from East to West, indulging in the inner goodness of Gaia’s scent scape, beneficial minerals and therapeutic plant essences to harmonise the wholeness of you.  

Your therapist will choose products sourced from the emerald-green fertile regions of China to the foothills of the Himalayas, from the painted lavender fields of France to the golden sands of Egypt and custom blend them just for you. 

Unique to Shakinah, ‘Tones of Love’ facial is suitable for all ages, skin types and skin conditions. 

Following a thorough consultation to determine your skin type and its needs, your therapist selects the products and treatments best suited to you. 

Drift away to ancient lands and allow the wisdom and knowledge of your therapist pamper and revitalise your skin with uplifting and stimulating spice, floral and fruit essences, nourishing botanical butters and detoxifying Earth minerals to enhance natural radiance. 

This unique sensory experience is blended with Serenity Vibration Healing clearing techniques to promote healing from within by streaming tones of love to each cell and tissue to amplify youthful lustre, radiance, balance and harmony to your skin and whole being with profound effects. 

You will emerge renewed with the tones of love vibrating throughout your being as a tonic to your skin.

60 min | $125

This bespoke facial amplifies radiance and luminosity lavishing in Gaia’s garden of plenty.  Includes cleanse, exfoliation, hot steam towel, rich lava creamy mask, facial and upper body massage infused with spice, fruit, vegetable and floral, woody essences from around the globe to enhance “I love me.”

Includes complimentary Goddess treatment

Shakinah Light Infusion (LED Facial)

Capture the divine within you where nature, science and spiritual healing come together for an ultimate result. 

This bespoke treatment is tailored to the needs of each individual and targets all skin conditions, reaching the deepest layers of the skin, restoring the tissues and giving the cells a boost to increase blood flow, improve skin texture, reduce your skins breakouts, stimulate collagen and elastin production, detoxify and renew vital radiance to your skin. 

This facial extravagance starts with double aromatic cleanse and a delicate scrub to reveal new skin, followed by a soothing hot steam towel to prepare your skin for a refreshing mineral-rich mask to transform all skin layers.  While the mask continues to work, enjoy a heavenly massage of your scalp, neck, shoulders, arms and décolletage.  Then relax with a luxurious facial massage with Shakinah’s scent of harmony oils endowed with antioxidants, vitamins and essential fatty acids that promote skin regeneration.

Your healing journey continues with a clinically tested natural red, blue or green led light therapy infusion gently gliding on face, neck and chest.  The LED produce a healing effect to address skin concerns from different lighting to target the cause of your beauty concerns, emitting light into the deeper layers of your skin.  

Unique to Shakinah the light therapy is calibrated and coupled with Goddess Mothers energy transmitting her divine radiance to enhance healing of each cell and tissue to amplify healing of your skin.  Your treatment is also intensified with a Serenity Vibration Healing implemented less than a minute before your treatment by your therapist to address blocks and energy signatures that created pressing skin concerns, embedded in your cellular memory and energy bodies for optimum results. 

As a final touch, enjoy a high-frequency micro-vibration massage targeting the delicate skin around your eyes and lips to stimulate dermal blood cells, accelerate regrowth of collagen, restore elastic fibre and enhance youthful lustre. 

This powerful combination of healing from within and Goddess Mother’s divine radiance leaves you with immediate visible results while elevating your whole being. 

60 min | $155

LED for all skin types and conditions to restore tissues and cells. Includes micro-vibration massage for eyes and lips to enhance a youthful lustre. Features a deep double cleanse, tone, exfoliation, nourishing mask, upper body and facial, scalp, neck massage infused with boosting skin regeneration essences.

Includes complimentary Goddess treatment

Goddess Mother Healing Temple Complimentary Treatment

This timeless gift offers you an opportunity to bathe in Divine Mother’s pure radiance to support healing and elevation in every aspect of your life experience.  

Our composition is made of pure love, however, when energy flow is hindered in your energy body, consciously or unconsciously defined, the cells, tissues, organs or any part of your physical body result in dis-ease, disorder, hair and skin conditions, ailments, illness or some kind of weakness. 

This Serenity Vibration Healing process will assist your whole being in resonating seamlessly. 

Your therapist will transport your energy body to a sacred space in timelessness to the Goddess Mothers Healing Temple. As you bathe in the pool of the Goddess Mother’s golden streams of divine love and radiance, her unconditional love surges through and throughout your energy envelope amplifying healing in the cells, tissues, organs or any concerns in question, gracefully releasing dis-harmony and imbalance in your energy matrices, thus elevating your countenance, and expanding your heart consciousness to attract life-transforming inspirations, experiences, harmony, serenity, vitality and self-love. 

At the end of your session, anything in opposition to your healing will clear away gracefully, transforming your whole being. 

A complimentary gift incorporated with your chosen therapy