The Healing Power
of Essential Oils

There are around one hundred different organic components in every essential oil, each affecting the body differently. In fact, chemically, our bodies and essential oils are made from many of the same chemicals, including terpineols. These naturally occurring alcohols help us produce vitamins, hormones and energy. And they facilitate processes like metabolism and healing. This chemical compatibility makes it very easy for our bodies to absorb and use essential oils for balance and healing. 

Essential oils can also profoundly influence blood circulation. Reaching the bloodstream through massage or inhalation, they can help carry oxygen and nutrients to the body’s tissues and release more toxins than normal metabolism.

A qualified aromatherapist approaches treatment holistically – not just focusing on applying essential oils. Many essential oils have a balancing effect and an aromatherapist’s knowledge of each oil’s properties allows them to restore balance to a person’s mental, physical and spiritual health for complete wellbeing. 

Depending on the application, some specific uses and benefits of essential oils include:

Massage with essential oils is the most popular and perhaps most therapeutic method of treatment. Combining the effects of the oils themselves and human touch through massage, is an incredibly powerful healing modality. Diluted in a carrier oil, essential oils are readily absorbed into skin. Certain oils are moisturising, rejuvenating and healing/antibacterial (lavender, tea tree, eucalyptus), which benefit both your skin and your overall health. 

Inhalation by using a diffuser, which emits essential oils in steam, or even by inhaling oils straight. Orange, lemon and peppermint oils can be inhaled to uplift and invigorate, while geranium or lavender calm and restore. 

Aromatic baths have dual benefits – as you inhale their fragrance, the oils work on deeper level. A few drops of rosemary in a bath, for example, relieves sore, tired muscles.

A word of caution: Some oils are so potent they should only be used by a qualified aromatherapist. You should always consult a professional about which essential oils are safe during pregnancy.