Massage & Facial

The moment you enter my welcoming space, you will be embraced by its warm, nurturing and comforting energy. 

Shakinah’s invigorating space rests on an ancient sandstone rock face, cocooned in a sacred space of breathtaking bushland, inhabited by native Australian birds, on the Woronora River. The healing atmosphere of the space is enhanced with divine scents filling the room and subtle lighting from toxin-free natural beeswax candles and Himalayan salt lamps. 

The calming, healing energy of nature, coupled with Sevil’s expert touch, enhances your wellbeing for an ultimate relaxing and enriching experience. Sevil is a fully qualified and highly skilled therapist and is dedicated to promoting your healing and rejuvenation. Sevil chooses to work with the purest, natural, most sustainable and toxin-free products she can ethically source.  

Purity is paramount at Shakinah.

Our product range includes a selection of over 100 essential and carrier oils, attars, clays, salts and herbs, each with their own unique therapeutic properties.  These powerfully potent healing formulations contain only the purest extracts of active botanicals and minerals with effective solutions to nourish, revitalise and restore the skin while their exquisite, soothing aromas uplift and calm the mind – for a complete wellbeing experience. 

At Shakinah we ensure you receive the most personalised treatment and we custom blend our botanical essences and therapies to meet your specific needs. 

Discover a range of beautifully indulgent, rejuvenating and transformational experiences, and choose whatever you feel resonates with your needs. 

Reserve some time for YOU with a luxurious Shakinah experience.
Your body is your temple – honour it with a Shakinah transformational experience.