Massage Journeys

Massage therapy is thought to have sacred origins, developing as important facets of ancient civilisations including Egypt, China, India, Polynesian societies, Greece and Rome before spreading to the rest of the world. 

At Shakinah, we offer massage therapies inspired by the ancient art of various cultures’ and adapted into our own unique healing experiences and calibrated to each individual’s needs. 

The physical and emotional benefits of massage are many.  The simple act of touch triggers the release of the feel-good hormone, oxytocin, and can instil a sense of calm, better clarity and perspective.  Massage has a cumulative effect, with regular massage helping to keep you youthful, energised, harmonious and balanced.

Unique to Shakinah, the invigorating massage journeys are blended with a complimentary Serenity Vibration Healing clearing and Goddess Mother Healing Temple gift. These activations are not treatments and are implemented in timelessness working purely on your energy bodies to amplify relaxation, revitalisation, rejuvenation and align your overall energy bodies with your souls’ purpose. These activations take less than a minute and is performed before each treatment.

We invite you to choose from our menu of nurturing experiences below or you can pamper a loved one with a gift certificate for a treatment as special as they are.

Loving Hands Massage

This powerful transformational, healing massage is based on ancient Hawaiian traditions and is also known as ‘Lomi Lomi’ massage because of the sincere intention that underpins the technique.  Loving Hands Massage heals on an emotional level, releasing and unblocking energy flow through prayer while massaging. 

Using our signature fragrant, rich kukui nut, coconut and essential oils, your therapist’s intuitive hands glide over your whole body, from face to feet in a sequence of long, flowing, firm yet gentle, rhythmic strokes that lull you into deep relaxation, while kneading movements dissolve muscle tension and release old stories held in your energy bodies embedded in the deep pockets of your memory cells. 

Lomilomi does not just alleviate tension, stress, anxiety or fear, this genuinely holistic healing experience brings total relaxation, rejuvenation and harmony to your whole being and uplifts the body, mind, awakens the senses and elevates your light quotient.

Woronora Black Rock Ritual

Our Woronora Black Rock Ritual is a divinely restorative massage that soothes and uplifts your senses with the healing power of botanicals and the soulful serenity of our peaceful natural setting. Leave your daily stresses behind and surrender to tranquillity as you listen to the Woronora River flowing below. The songs of native birds transport you to a place of sensory calm.  Combining the touch of the therapist’s skill full hands massaging your entire body with warmed basalt stones of various sizes from the core of Mother Earth, helps relax your muscles five times quicker than in a standard body massage, to release toxins and reduce fatigue, while instilling overall wellbeing and promoting deep relaxation. The warm, comforting black stones are then placed on key energy centres to harmonise and rebalance your mind, body and senses.

Himalayan Salt Glow Massage

We use the finest smooth Himalayan salt crystal stones together with luxurious, deeply moisturising, aromatic custom-blended Shakinah oils. Drawing on the ionising properties of Himalayan salt, we massage and exfoliate all over, allowing the Himalayan salt to cleanse your body, clear your energy, raise your vibration and enhance clarity. The moist heat of the salt stones melts stiff muscle fascia, soothing inflamed muscles and joints, stimulating blood circulation, while moisturising and plumping its superficial layers, leaving your skin silky, smooth and glowing. 

We then follow with a relaxing massage to re-energise the lymphatic and immune systems. 

The salt lamps in our treatment room enhance the effect of your massage for an overall healing experience. By purifying the atmosphere during your treatment, you will emerge feeling cleansed, refreshed, profoundly relaxed and invigorated. 

Crystal Chakra Alignment Massage

Embark on a deeply grounding and therapeutic massage, that aligns, balances, harmonises your energy flow to awaken your true essence of being. As exquisite as it is holistic, this uplifting experience incorporates a Crystal Healing Pad which activates the higher consciousness and soul to scan your physical and energy bodies to identify and address areas of imbalance resistant to elevation.  

We begin by ringing a Tibetan cymbal bell to clear your mind and promote a sense of peace and calmness. 

To enhance this treatment, elevating Shakinah botanical blends and clear quartz crystals are calibrated just for you and massaged over your energy centres with flowing, circulating rhythmic massage strokes, releasing blocks and anything that is sluggish about the seven primary chakras. 

We continue this collection of therapies with a Tibetan singing bowl placed on different parts of your body while chiming to create varying sounds and vibrations that naturally cause chakras to self-correct. You will feel the sound of the universe (sound of the void ) manifest throughout your whole being, uplifting you beyond all that you know, as the vibrations touch every cell in the body, restoring and balancing vital energy flow.  The tones, vibrations and harmonics of the Tibetan singing bowl begin to entrain the brain to move into the Theta brain wave frequencies that induce divine bliss, harmony and peace. 

Unique to Shakinah, this transformational therapy continues by activating six more chakra’s (a Serenity Vibration Healing activation tool) within the physical, crystalline and ethereal bodies. Your therapist will adjust and align all thirteen chakras spinning gracefully in divine balance to elevate your vibration and light quotient.  

This sensory experience expands your heart consciousness and is complete with healing quartz crystals placed on your physical chakras, awakening your whole being.  Anything that is in opposition to balance, clarity, bliss or areas of concern will clear the way for a graceful transformation. 

At the end of the session, your therapist will once again ring a Tibetan cymbal bell to amplify pleasant states of harmony.

Soothing Pregnancy Indulgence

The journey to motherhood is like no other – a physical, emotional and spiritual journey that profoundly changes your life, as you create another.  

Pregnancy and birth have long been regarded as a deeply sacred time of new beginnings – a time of emotional awakenings and vivid dreams, stronger intuition and feelings of unconditional love and connection with the sentient being you’re carrying. 

In our safe, supportive environment, allow yourself to drift away with this unique, comforting and pampering treatment, as it instils deep relaxation and leaves you feeling restored, rejuvenated and energised.  Your skilful therapist will choose a blend from our organic Shakinah Spa essential oils, specifically designed to be safe for use in pregnancy.  Escape on a soothing journey, during your wondrous time of change, to ease muscle discomfort, relieve tension, stimulate circulation and alleviate pressure on the lower back, legs and feet.  Melt away with a luxurious nurturing full body and warm oil scalp massage that will leave you in a state of ultimate bliss, followed by a nourishing facial massage that will envelop your skin in moisture, leave your skin luminous, hydrated and an overall radiant glow.  

As we care about the safety of you and your baby, we only offer this treatment after the first trimester of your pregnancy. 

Dolphin Love Healing (Children, Tweens, Teens)

We will take you on a transcendental journey with this ultra calming and balancing massage therapy specifically designed for children, tweens and teens experiencing changes and challenges on their physical, mental and emotional bodies. 

Escape in complete harmony with a head to toe massage tailored to address any issues reflecting imbalance on physiological and psychological levels, with the sonar love infusion of Dolphin songs softly playing in the background.  As the Dolphins sacred encodements echo throughout your entire being their transmission amplifies healing four times more than any known therapy. 

Drift away and sink into an infinitely loving embrace as your therapists’ skilful hands penetrate uplifting Shakinah bliss essences into all regions of the wholeness of you to settle the mind and elevate your vibration and harmony levels within your auric field. 

This delightful and effective therapy continuously siphons off congested energy, that is obstructing the establishment of overall wellness with the vibrational pulses emitted from dolphins. The ultrasound emissions of these sacred Earth guardians and natural-born healers that promote healing, balance and harmonise the energy systems, synchronise brain-wave activity, enhance confidence, self-esteem and mental clarity. 

The escape is complimented with a Serenity Vibration Healing clearing implemented less than a minute before your treatment.  

You will float out renewed, balanced, empowered and boosting with confidence. 

Minimum age requirement is seven years.

For guests under the age of 16, an adult must be present for the duration of the treatment. 

Even though Dolphin Love Healing is explicitly designed for Children, Tweens and Teens, due to its popularity, adults are welcome to experience this transformational massage therapy as well. 

Elevate your Senses

Our rejuvenating Elevate Your Senses aromatherapy massage is divinely indulgent and therapeutic.  Intoxicate your senses and revive your being with the natural fragrance of Shakinah’s uplifting fruity, elevating floral, tantalising spicy and grounding resinous-woody essences. At the same time, they work on a deeper level to heal and bring harmonious balance. 

We invite you to create a blend from our high resonance massage oils, according to what you wish to experience.  Create your journey to promote; love, bliss, serenity, energy, vitality, detox, release, recovery, forgiveness, confidence, courage, clarity, balance, empowerment, sovereignty and benevolence.  We will then custom blend the many varieties of the plant kingdom to your requirements in a base of richly hydrating botanical carrier oils. 

Scent is such a powerful vehicle of healing and transformation, and your chosen blend is added to our diffuser, so the divine aroma fills the room.  Such a potent, invigorating combination!

Your uplifting massage will take you on a journey to transform your dreams into realities, as you relax and unwind immersing in Gaia’s bountiful garden with divine scents wafting throughout your being, elevating your senses, as you surrender to a luxurious full body massage from head to toe. Your therapists nurturing, soothing swirling strokes envelop you as your mind stills in timelessness, elevating you to a place of ultimate peace and inner tranquillity.

You are gently brought back to the present as we cocoon you in warm cotton, to enable Shakinah’s uplifting and powerful plant essences to penetrate deeply into the skin for maximum benefits.  

This unique experience leaves you walking on air, and you emerge completely mind enriched, renewed, rejuvenated and transformed. 

Divine Feminine Light Bliss

Soothe your secret self and bring your body back into balance and aligned with your higher consciousness and soul to harmonise vitality with Our Divine Feminine Light Bliss experience.  

Harnessing the powerful healing blend with two powerful feminine’s –  Divine Mother and Earth Mother – come together to restore, rejuvenate and enhance healing to the wholeness of you. 

A targeted treatment for the whole body and being, this therapy aims to find and treat the cause of an emotional or physical ailment, not just the symptoms, for immediate and lasting healing benefits. 

To amplify your healing, your therapist will first transport your energy body to a sacred space in timelessness to the Goddess Mother’s Healing Temple. This timeless gift offers you an opportunity to bathe in the pure radiance of Divine Mother to support healing and elevation in every aspect of your life experience.  This sacred tool is implemented by your therapist less than a minute before your treatment. 

Goddess Mother’s Healing Temple will help restore your whole being to resonate in harmony, thus amplifying the healing in the cells, tissues, organs or any concerns in question. 

As you bathe in the pool of the Goddess Mother’s streams of divine love and light, her radiance gracefully releases dis-harmony and imbalance in your energy bodies with ease, grace and harmony.  Allow the golden streams of Goddess Mother’s unconditional love, surge through you and throughout your energy envelope to elevate your countenance, heal your body and expand your heart consciousness to attract life-transforming inspirations, experiences, harmony, serenity, vitality and self-love. 

Your heart is the gateway to harmony and vitality. 

While you are bathing in Goddess Mother’s Healing Temple, surrender to a full head to toe relaxation massage, as you are saturated in Gaia’s ocean of restorative botanical essences.  Your therapists’ intuitive hands work deeply into your tissues using firm yet gentle pressure and trigger point techniques to locate and release knots in the muscles and clear away physical and emotional tension embedded in your cells. 

This truly holistic combination of therapies leaves you feeling deeply relaxed and grounded with freer movement and harmoniously aligned in mind, body and soul. 

Bespoke Mud Ritual

Allow Gaia’s mineral-rich garden wash through the wholeness of your body, providing the ultimate detox, luminous, silky skin and deep relaxation.  

Melt away with a dry body brush with natural fibres to draw out toxins, remove dead skin cells, stimulate circulation and cell production, preparing the skin for optimal product absorption. 

Then relax as you are cocooned in Shakinah’s bespoke mineral-rich body clay mask, blended with nourishing herbal and floral essences intensified by adding a cotton wrap infused with hydrating aromas to draw deeper toxins from the cells while renewing the skin and revitalising the lymphatic system. This therapy also promotes overall balance and harmony in the energy bodies. 

While you are immersed in natures rich minerals and botanical essences, indulge in a naturally exfoliating and hydrating rich volcanic ash face mask to revitalise and soften your skin.  Continue with a nourishing scalp and soothing foot massage with elemental aromatic oils as your therapist focuses on the primary energy centres of your head and acupoints of your feet to enhance relaxation and bliss. 

The restorative journey continues with a sublimely full body massage treatment, using custom blended Shakinah oils rich in antioxidants and vitamins for ultimate hydration and rejuvenation.

Your body’s revival is complemented with an uplifting lotion, leaving your body feeling fresh, silky and renewed. 

Shakinah Ultimate Indulgence

A powerful transformational journey in two stages to amplify your overall wellbeing. 
Each meditative journey is experienced at different days to allow integration. 
Loving yourself unconditionally is the ultimate gift you can bestow upon yourself! 

This deeply sacred, grounding and nurturing journey draws on ancient arts of healing, which go back millennia to the beginning.  Unique to Shakinah, the blending of nature and spirituality will assist you to balance and unify the divine harmony of masculine and feminine energies –  the unity of oneness – that already exists within you –  remembering who you are at your deepest level of being – LOVE, LIGHT, PEACE. 

Drawing on the resonance of the Divine Mother, I invite you to a euphoric experience to roll back in time to claim your birthright – Serenity.  You will bask in the radiance of perpetual unconditional love, enveloped in the nurturing and comforting energy of the Great One, Angels and Masters of light to start a new. 

Meditative Journeys to Transformation

The meditative journeys for transformation to self-love begin cocooned in soft, warm cotton blankets infused with Gaia’s garden of nurturing aromas enriching your senses.  The uplifting energy of the treatment room is enhanced with elevating music and salt lamps basking you in their soft glow.  The Crystal Healing Pad will activate your higher consciousness and soul to scan your overall energy matrices to prepare you for the transformational journey. 

Shakinah Ultimate Indulgence Massage (Included in each stage)

Your meditative journey continues with a luxurious, sensory full body massage with Shakinah’s transformational botanical essences gently cascading over your body working in synergy with your therapist’s loving hands, applying ancient massage techniques, gliding over the meridians, nadis and chakra’s, gently releasing blocks deeply embedded in your genetics, sweeping away any resistance to self-love. 

We continue this collection of therapies with a bespoke facial to purify and provide intensive nourishment, leaving your skin hydrated, toned and supple. 

Your blissful ritual continued with Shakinah’s rich and hydrating organic oils drizzled onto your head and massaged into your hair and scalp, focusing on the major energy centres to restore energy flow, bringing immediate relaxation and bliss, while softening the hair. 

As you bathe in the aroma’s of love, your blissful journey continues with sacred Egyptian Papyrus oil drizzled on your hands, feet, heart and third eye chakras to enhance the awakening of your senses and activating your thirteen chakras (unique to Serenity Vibration Healing ) within the physical, crystalline and ethereal bodies to balance, align and restore the chakras to spin divinely to elevate your vibration and light quotient. 

Your Shakinah Ultimate Indulgence concludes with the heart-healing attributes of the delicate, yet powerful pink morganite crystals- a stone of divine love and healing- placed on your physical chakra points to enhance tones of love. 

At the end of the session, you will once again be wrapped in soft, warm cotton to integrate your new beginnings and your therapist will gift you with a Serenity Vibration Healing clearing, to magnify divine balance, harmony and love.  You will walk out floating, infused in the Goddess Mother’s divine loving embrace, where you will feel forever transformed. 

Stage 1: SVH Angelic Rebirthing 

The Serenity Vibration Healing, Angelic Rebirthing journey is an experience like no other.  You will be surrounded with the uplifting radiance of the Great One, Angels, Masters and guides of light, infusing their divine love throughout your wholeness.  This deeply meditative journey rolls back to your gestation and birth to imprint new files of a new reality to bring exquisite equilibrium to your essential true self.  

Your journey continues with a  deeply soothing Shakinah Ultimate Indulgence Massage – details above. 

Stage 2: SVH Balancing The Inner-Child

This powerful ritual extends stage 1, Angelic Rebirthing. 

This deeply meditative therapy rolls back to your formative years from birth to just under the age of eight to assist you in preserving and restoring your childlike innocence.  Your inner-child will float on the heavenly tones of instrumental music as you bask in the glow of perpetual unconditional love surrounded with the Creator, Angels, Masters and guides of light. This will doubly enhance your foundation of lifelong stability and wellbeing, with more balance, harmony and serenity, by re-scripting the past to reflect a new reality where the inner-child was nurtured and supported throughout its formative years of life. 

Your journey continues with a deeply uplifting  Shakinah Ultimate Indulgence Massage – details above. 

Goddess Mother Healing Temple Complimentary Treatment

This timeless gift offers you an opportunity to bathe in Divine Mother’s pure radiance to support healing and elevation in every aspect of your life experience.  

Our composition is made of pure love, however, when energy flow is hindered in your energy body, consciously or unconsciously defined, the cells, tissues, organs or any part of your physical body result in dis-ease, disorder, hair and skin conditions, ailments, illness or some kind of weakness. 

This Serenity Vibration Healing process will assist your whole being in resonating seamlessly. 

Your therapist will transport your energy body to a sacred space in timelessness to the Goddess Mothers Healing Temple. As you bathe in the pool of the Goddess Mother’s golden streams of divine love and radiance, her unconditional love surges through and throughout your energy envelope amplifying healing in the cells, tissues, organs or any concerns in question, gracefully releasing dis-harmony and imbalance in your energy matrices, thus elevating your countenance, and expanding your heart consciousness to attract life-transforming inspirations, experiences, harmony, serenity, vitality and self-love. 

At the end of your session, anything in opposition to your healing will clear away gracefully, transforming your whole being. 

A complimentary gift incorporated with your chosen therapy