Frequently Asked questions

How is SVH taught?

Each of our courses is conducted either in the comfort of your home through Zoom, Free Conferencing call or in person. How you want to participate the course is your choice.  

How do I register for course?

Students can register at anytime by first purchasing the course through our online shop. Once payment has been received, Sevil will contact you to confirm your scheduled date and times.

Is there a payment plan option?

No, full payment is required at the time of registering before each course. 

What are the steps after registration to start the course?

Once full payment has been received, a sealed SVH manual will be mailed to your nominated address, prior to your booked sessions. Please allow minimum delivery times of a week within Australia and a fortnight for overseas.

Please do not break the seal of your SVH manual until your class begins. 

What is the duration of each course?

Online group sessions: a minimum 12 hours over two weeks, six 2 hour classes or four 3 hour classes.

Onsite group sessions: a minimum 16 hours over two consecutive weekends, four 4 hours classes. 

Private sessions: a minimum of 12 hours over six 2 hour classes or four 3 hours classes scheduled to suit your dates and times.

Private Sessions:

Private Sessions are held via Zoom, Conference Call or onsite at Shakinah. 

Online Group Sessions:

Group Sessions are held weekly via Zoom or Conference Call at 10am AEST or 7pm AEST. For sessions outside of these hours, please contact us.

A minimum of 2 students is required for the class to run. 

Onsite Group Classes:

These classes are held on weekends, at 223 Prince Edward Park Road, Woronora, NSW 2232. 

Minimum 4 students required to run the class 

Please allow an extra hour for tea and lunch breaks. Lunch is not provided.

Can the student reschedule a class?

If it is a one on one class, yes, we understand you may have last-minute commitments.

However, students in group classes that are unable to attend the next session in their group, (either online or onsite) can either book a private catch up session for an extra fee of AU $222 or reschedule to join the next group to continue the sessions. Other students cannot update you with the classes you have missed, and only a qualified teacher can implement the sacred tools and mechanism of SVH. 

What are the terms and conditions of refunds?

A full refund will be made subject to the SVH Manual is returned to Shakinah Pty Ltd, 223 Prince Edward Park Road, Woronora, NSW 2232 Australia, in its original state, with the seal unbroken and you have not attended any classes. 

No refunds will be made for any reason if you have attended a class. In circumstances like this, if it is a one on one class, you may either reschedule a class or attend a group class when available and continue where you have completed the sessions. 

Do you have to be a practitioner and teacher after graduation?

No, the choice is yours. You may choose to use SVH independently to transform yourself and assist your friends and family or blend it with other healing techniques. 

Do you have to complete all SVH Levels to become an SVH Practitioner?

No, completion of SVH Level 1, will certify you to be an SVH Practitioner. 

When can I start using the tools and mechanisms of SVH?

After completing SVH Level 1, you will be certified to be an SVH Practitioner and use these tools in your practice or healing ministry. 

What will you receive upon Graduation?

You will receive a signed SVH Practitioner Certification for each level up to SVH Level 4.

For all other enquires please email or call Sevil on 0447 100 085.