Private sessions

A myriad of clearing, shielding, healing and enlightenment opportunities are available to you from my smorgasbord advanced SVH training.  

My goal is to help you to release stuck energy from old traumas, negative indoctrinations and unbalanced patterns that limit your ability to claim the destiny you are choosing and create a balanced, harmonious, fruitful and healthy life.

The script of your life is being written every moment by your thoughts, words and choices. The events unfolding in your life are a direct reflection of those choices, whether consciously defined or unconsciously allowed. 

Every thought, word and feeling fuels creation energy and carries a vibration and resonance, which are consciously defined.  

What many people are unaware of is that most of our fears, energy blocks, ailments and the choices we make in this life are intertwined energetically with input from our genetics and impressions from the ancestral and soul lineages. 

These charged energies conjunct with indoctrinations and unbalanced life experiences. Learned responses that embed through repeated formats, perceptions, dogmas, old paradigms held in the collective consciousness, embedded belief systems and more.  

For nearly a century, neurobiologists have searched for the ‘engram’; the neural representation of a memory. 

Early studies showed that the engram is widely distributed both within and across brain areas supported by interactions among large networks of neurons.

Subsequent research has identified engrams that support memory within dedicated functional systems for habit learning and emotional memory.

These unconsciously defined energy signatures have been embedded deep in the pockets of our levels of consciousness and that of our ancestors for over one hundred thousand years. 

Some of the topics I work within sessions are listed below:

  • Physical and emotional traumas, old wounds, grief, broken relationships, despair and suffering.
  • Mental and physical abuse, sexual abuse, victimisation and bullying.
  • Physical, emotional, mental wellbeing, which can include anxiety, fears, phobias, pain, and stress.
  • Confidence, courage, personal empowerment, enhanced clarity, trust, self-love and belief in oneself.  
  • Disease, disorder, dysfunction, disability, this includes burns, skin, hair, skeletal, bodily organs…   
  • Health, vitality, energy, inspiration, motivation, passion, enhanced memory and clarity   
  • Setting firm and friendly boundaries, honouring relationships and honouring oneself.   
  • Prosperity consciousness, attraction to abundance, success, happiness, bliss, harmony, peace. 
  • Focused purpose to help achieve goals, meet deadlines and to be able to envision and see, accept and allow the success 
  • Improve your golf swing, land a role in a movie, write a successful book, enhance creativity…  
  • Spiritual awakening, enhancing your innate gifts and abilities, mastering your mind, evolving, expanding to higher states of conscious awareness while stepping into your master self, journeying to remember your true essence of being and so on….
  • Attracting an ideal partner, enhancing current relationships and restoring trust in broken relationships.
  • Family sessions; individuals and in a group. 
  • Children, Tweens, Teenagers.
  • Animal healing. 

All SVH sessions are confidential. There is no physical touch necessary or medications involved. The work we implement is directed to your higher consciousness and soul, and ultimately creator implements the work. I never charge for the work I implement with clients. I charge for my time.

I often offer homework to my clients, which may include SVH trigger words or visual exercises that enhance and support the release of destructive thinking and learned behaviours. These assist in expediting healing and helping you to achieve your goals. 

There are many benefits to booking a block of private sessions. This allows me to work progressively on your issues and assist you in silencing random inner dialogue. Our main goals for working together are to foster supreme clarity, sovereignty, autonomy, personal freedom and surety. These help to sponsor and enhance your innate ability to instantly manifest ideal realities that you have consciously chosen, making you the supreme architect of your life.

When mind chatter is quieted, one can ultimately master the mind. In mastery, there is no disease, disorder, dysfunction, disharmony or despair. There is only balance, harmony, vitality, abundance, peace and love. 

I have discounted my sessions fees until July 2021, to financially assist individuals that desire to take the sessions during our world’s interesting and troubled times. 

The sessions are conducted in the comfort of your home, via Zoom, Free Conferencing call or in person. I am happy to work with you to select the ideal setting.  

Session fees are paid at the time of booking, before each session. 

Private Sessions with Me

As an SVH Level 4 Practitioner and an innate intuitive healer, I work hand in hand with you to identify the seeds and foundations of the issue we address in your session. 

To attain the most outstanding level of healing, transformation and personal expansion, we focus our work to be implemented in the past as well as the present. We can also lay clearing parameters in place for the Creator to implement in the future. 

After an SVH session is completed and the intricate mechanisms of the work activated and implemented by the Creator, many of the elements of the clearing and healing parameters continue to work in the background to peel away layers of deeply embedded formatting for years to come.

As an advanced practitioner, I implement most of my work outside the space-time continuum, in a place we call the Space-Between-Time. 

In an SVH session, I work with your energy body in the space between time, where the past, present and future selves and all your possibilities exist at once. In the fluid consciousness of spatial reasoning, I employ transformational reformatting tools, processes and Quantum Level Reprogramming, to address the specifics of issues you choose to work on.

Sometimes, the manifestation of healing and transformation happens instantly, and sometimes the work we do supports a progressive release of energies that have been deeply embedded. Based on the information you give me and the discoveries we make in our session, all healing and transformations unfold in the ideal divine timing of all beings. 

Private Session Fees

1 hour | AU $222

Eight session block package | AU $1500 (8 x 60 min sessions)

Twelve session block package | AU $2222 (12 x 60 min sessions)

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Master Healing Journeys

Open your mind and step into the healing journey of a lifetime; a journey that navigates you through healing steps that focus on areas of the energy body that resist the typical energy healing methods implemented by modalities all over the world.

In this session your heart and mind open to the healing process, setting your session for heightened readiness and a wiliness to step from the old stories of disease, disorder and dysfunction, allowing the transformation to unfold in divine timing.  

This procedure is not part of any standard SVH training protocols, but those of us that call on this method use SVH to transport clients to a healing centre that exists just outside of Earth’s current dimensional field. We also use SVH to implement constructive clearings that support discovery of the seeds and foundations of blocks to accepting of the transformation.

In this session, I work together with an incorruptible  Arcturian master healer physician that uses advanced non-dual methods to discover blockages in the energy body that have attracted and fuelled unbalanced issues in the physical body. Throughout the healing, you are continuously bathed in Creator’s radiance of pure Divine Love and Light.  

Although Soolah is a dear hearted non-dual physician and very professional, her bedside manners can be a bit stern.  Her sincerity is delightful.

We are not the first to work with this renowned Arcturian master healer.  She has played roles in the healing of human beings for over ten thousand years, so she understands our physiology. 

Most notably, Soolah was principal advisor, healer and teacher of her methods in Egypt’s third dynasty under the guardianship of the famous architect Imhotep.  Pharaoh Djoser, who reigned during the old kingdom period, and his daughter Inetkaes studied this healing method.  

For many thousands of years, Shaman, medicine women, medicine men and indigenous elder and tribesmen called on Soolah for assistance and healing.  The indigenous Australians that authentically remember their origins know her very well, and still work with Soolah to this day.  She oversees to support the health and healing of all individuals and is open to everyone who is willing to work with her. 

Soolah works with your energy body envelope much as the SVH Creator Consciousness Physicians that implement their work in the space-between-time. She lays ethereal grafts and templates that your physical body integrates into the whole system. And my task is to clear away the seeds and foundations of the disease, disorder or dysfunction that consciously or unconsciously fuelled your issue into your reality. 

Initially, Soolah requires about 80% of your energy body presence to implement her work.  Depending on the disorder, this process can take from a week to a month.  In some rare cases, several months.

If your issue is minor, the healing can be implemented at night in your sleep regeneration.  However, if you have a major disorder, such as pancreases, heart, liver, skeletal, terminal illness,  Soolah requires that you simplify your life and abstain from doing anything too strenuous. 

After this initial process is complete, there is an integration period which can take up to six weeks or more depending on the disorder.  In that stage, your physical body is integrating all of the work implemented on the energy body.

From the point of your initial consultation, I conduct a session with you for a minimum of twice a week.  The follow up weekly clearing sessions are crucial to ascertain the issue(s) that first planted the seeds for the disorder to manifest.  Any embedded energy signature stuck or held in your energy matrices are cleared, and I work with the Creator to imprint new files for a positive outcome.  

Ultimately transforming a constructive mindset that will assist with the healing gracefully. 

I have structured an economical session block package to help make this method more cost-effective.

Master Healing Journeys Session Fees

1 hour | AU $222

Eight session block package | AU $1500 (8 x 60 min sessions)

Twelve session block package | AU $2222 (12 x 60 min sessions)

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Animal Healing Sessions

Human beings are the newcomers on Gaia.  The animal kingdom, plant kingdom, all God’s creatures share our amazing world with us. 

Every creature has a purpose.  Their overall purpose is to stabilise energies and to support and maintain the harmony and balance of our world. 

Animals are some of the highest forms of light on this world. They teach us how to live in the present and how to love unconditionally. One day soon, humans will learn how to unconditionally love and live in harmony with the collective of Earth’s inhabitants.    

I love to work with all of God’s creatures and their guardians. 

It does not matter whether your pet is domesticated, wild, a dolphin or an earthworm, the SVH tools are instruments of healing for all creatures of Earth. 

Animals, just like humans, embed energy imprints from distressing life experiences. They also store information in their genetics and access data from the experiences from their ancestral families and some from their soul lineage families. 

In these sessions, I work directly with the higher consciousness and soul of your pet via telepathy; tuning in to their physical, emotional and mental issues.  Archangel Michael, Gaia and  Francis of Assisi are the guardians of SVH Animal Healing, and the Creator implements every SVH healing tool and mechanisms for your precious pet. 

Most animals are healers and have a purpose. 

I am a mommy to my beautiful Coton de Tulear, ‘Pebbles.’  She came into my life to draw out my kinder spirit and teach me, unconditional love.  She opened my heart to see beyond illusion, to embrace the beauty of our wonderful world and to be grateful for all God’s Creatures and the generous gifts Gaia has bestowed upon us. 

In our session I work together with you and your pet to address patterns, issues, habits and disorders. We use the SVH tools to bring balance, whether the issues are associated with the physical, emotional or mental bodies.   

Animals love SVH and are more than willing to receive all the healing parameters, implemented by the Creator.  In most cases, one session is more than enough to heal your pet.  

The animals have an innate capability to communicate using mental telepathy.  A full message telepathically transmits immediately and is understood.

If you believe that your pet has been affected by one or more of the following conditions, the SVH sessions with me will assist your pet to heal and move beyond the heartache of these situations and maladies. 

Some of the topics I work within sessions are listed below:

  • Abandonment, trauma, separation and anxiety, fear and unsafe situations, allergies…  
  • Genetic defects, mutated genetics, miasms, disease, disorder, dysfunction, disability…
  • Physical, emotional, mental abuse, cruelty, distress, depression, mistreatment… 
  • Pain, illness, hurt, burns, abrasions, starvation, dehydration…
  • Cancer, kidney disease, epilepsy, hip dysplasia, diabetes, anaemia, deafness, respiratory disorders, hyperthyroidism, glaucoma, cataracts… 
  • Issues sponsored by past life, ancestral, soul lineage experiences… 
  • Sudden change in personality or demeanour…
  • Bereavement, death or separation from other animals and loved ones…

I work in the past, where your animal’s issues occurred, committing healing applications back then.  It is like a miracle for these dear ones to release the imprints of starvation in the womb, abuse, abandonment and separation from the mother.

I can also assist your pet to have a smooth integration into a new family, inhabitant, surroundings and help to strengthen an innate bond and interconnectedness with other animals and each new player in the animal’s life.

We also have SVH shields to protect your pet from pollution, gases, fumes, toxins, smoke, organisms, parasites, viruses, bacteria…and more. 

If your pet has a deep soul connection with a sick caregiver, to heal them, they often attempt to siphon out the unbalanced energy or disease. In an attempt to save their guardian, these beloved creatures take on the elements of the disease, drawing it into their little bodies. The emotion and energy of the illness are challenging to transmute, and in most cases, the animal dies. 

SVH assists with the issues mentioned above and more, using SVH  shields, clearing and healing processes. We work with the Creator to heal the past and instil new foundations of sovereignty that assist the beloved animal in maintaining countenance, balance, vitality. It is essential to help all of God’s Creatures to tap back into their natural instincts that have been bred out of the species, forgotten due to dependency of their guardians. We help them through this process without changing their personality, restoring their physical, emotional and mental bodies and supporting overall wellbeing.

Animal Healing Sessions Fee

1 hour | AU $222

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