Welcome to SVH

There are no accidents, why and how you found yourself on my website in this pinnacle moment of your life.  It is on purpose, for a purpose!  You may be questioning why the same or similar experiences and patterns repeat over and over again, or you are choosing to transform your life or current circumstances to ones of ease, grace, harmony, balance, prosperity, success and vitality. Perhaps you have an inner calling to be a way-show-er and assist others on their paths.  Whatever your reason, you have landed on the right page.

Know this!  You are ready to take the next leaps forward in your evolution to higher states of conscious awareness.  It is a time for us to seek and be assured that the answers we receive are aligned with authentic truth.  SVH is a transformational tool that offers us the clarity to see beyond indoctrinations our genetics handed us, and the fears life taught us.  It is time to be fearless and to live life with passion.

I know it wasn’t an accident for me to find SVH; I was more than ready to step away from the old stories.  

Become the master of your mind instead of your mind being the master

– Zen proverb

I studied other modalities and stretched myself as far as I could with their tools.  The moment I discovered Serenity Vibration Healing, I realised it was unlike any other modality.  SVH has offered me the tools to transform, shift and elevate my life to match the amazing life I am choosing and assisted me to move beyond all limitations, blocks and create abundance in all aspects of my life. 

The Serenity Vibration Healing and Enlightenment Technique developed in 1999. The modality was channelled to Jill Marie, who I consider as my humble dear sister.

The Creator; ‘Great One’ implements the SVH transformational tools; The tools and application of SVH work at the transcendent level in the space between time, so there is no healing crisis or backlash to even the most profound and deep clearing. 

SVH activates important dormant genomes, and the mechanisms of it can be used to clear the energy charge and formatting associated with thousands of years of blocks, programs, belief systems, resistance, ancestral and soul lineage embedded and learned formats. The shields support sovereignty and the quantum-level reprogramming tools support clarity and focus and heal. 

In essence, SVH opens up unlimited gateways to infinite possibilities leading us to an all-knowing state supporting connecting with the universal consciousness, your higher consciousness and soul.  In that supreme clarity, your innate recognition and a greater understanding of higher principles move you beyond the limits of your cranium brain and assists you to master your mind and live solely in heart consciousness, living in the present moment incessantly. 

Only from the heart, you can touch the sky

– Rumi

We are all capable of touching the sky and also being in unity with the every of everything and defining our reality with the choices we make by living in our heart-mind which in essence is our true mind. 

All that exists, exists first in our mind.  We become what we think, and our mind is the world

– Gautama Buddha 

And you are the only one who can make that choice, to take that key and unlock the many gateways leading to the infinite possibilities awaiting you.  All of this comes from living in your heart consciousness and creating the life and experiences you desire. 

Serenity Vibration Healing is not the end. It is the launch point leading to awareness as yet unexplored by human beings of Earth.  You are living in a timeline where anything can happen when you are aware enough to pluck an apple from the tree of plenty.

SVH can assist you in fuelling the next stages of your evolution, creating that they are graceful and rewarding.  

Now, this is the moment of choice!  Reclaim and reawaken the great master you already are.

Regardless of what denomination you are, who you are and what you are, I welcome all those ready to heal, transform, elevate and unlock the many gateways to all of the infinite possibilities.

I am dedicated to assisting you and all ready beings in aligning with golden paths and to be your guide at this juncture of the journey leading to the fulfilment of all your dreams.

The time has come to turn your heart into a temple of fire

– Rumi